Following an incredible repertoire to date, the trio are back with their next single 'The World Is Crashing In', a gripping ode to love, loss and simply raw emotion. 
Marc explains, "'The World Is Crashing In' was written during the painful season of Henry's divorce. It was tough going for all of us to watch two people we loved dearly, separate. For me it brought up painful memories from my own childhood. The second verse was written from a time in my own childhood. Our family home had been flooded due to a burst pipe, it wrecked so much stuff including my mum's wedding dress that she had kept. It seemed like a dark and apt metaphor for the impending carnage of what was to come.” 

Recorded in Germany with producer and engineer Udo Rinklin, their compelling chronicles pair sublimely with sonic abilities to produce a tune that mirrors their subject matter sublimely. They continue, “We re-recorded the drums at The Old Chapel Studios down the road from Jimmy. Bob & Jen at CatBeach Music hired Bryan Cook to mix and we loved his mix instantly!” 

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